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OCaml Labs organises and hosts a variety of different events over the year - including academic, community and wider outreach events.

Regular Hack Events[edit]

Compiler Hacking[edit]

Originally started as simply a space and time for Jeremy Yallop and Leo White to sit and focus on all aspects of the compiler, this event has grown to include a much larger group and often involves talks/demonstrations by attendees and visitors to OCaml Labs. Join the mailing list and keep up to date with upcoming compiler events and projects.

MirageOS Hackathon[edit]

We hope this will become a bi-annual event!

The first MirageOS hackathon was held in Marrakech between 11-16 March 2016, welcoming 30 Mirage enthusiasts from all over the world including complete newcomers to the Mirage community. It was a huge success - from both a development and social viewpoint. See trip reports from MirageOS community members who attended.

The next MirageOS hackathon is scheduled to be held in Cambridge on 14th and 15th July at Darwin College. More details and signup information will be available soon.


16 June - Inria, Paris Developers meeting in Paris

14 June - Jane Street, London London Functional Programmers Meetup at the Jane Street offices in London Docker - "The functional innards of Docker for Mac and Windows" Anil Madhavapeddy

20 May - Pembroke College, Cambridge Thirteenth Compiler Hacking Session in the Old Library, Pembroke College Demo of Fred's library for an interactive text interface using Emacs, which allows you to move on from printf-debugging and replay specific parts of the program's trace.

11-16 March - Hackathon, Morocco MirageOS Hackathon

17 Feb - Pembroke College, Cambridge Twelfth Compiler Hacking Session in N7, Pembroke College Pre-hack demo by Spiros Eliopoulos

18 Jan - LNETM, London Unikernels Anil Madhavapeddy


30 Nov - CL, Cambridge Eleventh Compiler Hacking Session at the Outer Parlour, Pembroke College.

26 Nov - Unikernels Meetup, London Anil Madhavapeddy and Mindy Preston

20 Nov - S-REPLS, Middlesex South of England Regional Programming Seminar 2 Organised by Jaap Boender, Raja Nagarajan and Andrei Popescu

10 Nov - OUPS, Paris OCaml User Meeting in Paris.

2 Sep - Polyglot, Vancouver Local functional programming meetup Functional distributed programming with Irmin, Anil Madhavapeddy

28 Aug - CL, Cambridge 10th Compiler Hacking Session Including ML and OCaml talks in the afternoon prior to hacking session in the evening.

30 Apr - S-REPLS Middlesex South of England Regional Programming Seminar Organised by Ohad Kammar, Dominic Mulligan and Jeremy Yallop

5 Feb - CL, Cambridge 9th Compiler Hacking Session at the Computer Lab. Generating Code with Polymorphic Let Talk from Oleg Kiselyov

20 Jan - OUPS, Paris OCaml User Meeting in Paris. Irmin: A Git-like Distributed Library Thomas Gazagnaire


23 Sep - Mill Lane, Cambridge Joint F#/OCaml Event: 8th Compiler Hacking Session at Mill Lane. Joint F#/OCaml event.

25 Jul - CL, Cambridge 7th Compiler Hacking Session

25 Jun - CL, Cambridge 6th Compiler Hacking Session

29 Apr - CL, Cambridge 5th Compiler Hacking Session

17 Mar - TVFP, London Thames Valley Functional Programmers Meetup.

18 Feb - CL, Cambridge Third Compiler Hacking Session


6 Nov - CL, Cambridge Compiler Hacking Session

18 Sep - Makespace, Cambridge Compiler Hacking Session.

7 Sep - CL, Cambridge Compiler Hacking Session

27 July - CL, Cambridge Compiler hacking session including OCaml Labs, Arm and Citrix.

7 May - Jane Street, New York NYC OCaml Meetup: Making OCaml for the Masses Anil Madhavapeddy, Amir Chaudhry, Leo White and Thomas Gazagnaire

18 Apr - Makespace, Cambridge Compiler Hacking Session.

1 Feb - Makespace, Cambridge Compiler Hacking Session.