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Databox proposes a technical platform enabling people to engage with the collection, management and consumption of personal data - a very timely issue affecting anyone with an online presence. The goal behind this project is to provide a secure networked service that gathers personal data from a variety of personal devices, and allows the individual selective control over which parties have access to which specific data, thus placing personal data control in the hands of the individual. The Databox project is funded by EPSRC and due to run as a collaboration between Queen Mary, Cambridge and Nottingham Universities for 3 years from October 2016.

Project Goal[edit]

The Databox envisions an open-source personal networked device, augmented by cloud-hosted services, that collates, curates, and mediates access to an individual’s personal data by verified and audited third party applications and services. The Databox will form the heart of an individual’s personal data processing ecosystem, providing a platform for managing secure access to data and enabling authorised third parties to provide the owner with authenticated services, including services that may be accessed while roaming outside the home environment.

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