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We are always excited to host interns and visitors to the lab, and we have some new and familiar faces with us this term.

Olivier Nicole: After a very successful few months in the lab over the summer, and providing invaluable help at OCaml Workshop and ICFP, Olivier is back in the lab to continue work on his Macros implementation.

Maxime Lesourd: Maxime finished his Masters in Theoretical Computer Science at ENS de Lyon, and is here for 5 months to continue the previous work started by Armael on the compilation of effects in OCaml using a type directed selective CPS transform.

Takayuki Imada: Takayuki Imada is a researcher at Hitachi Ltd. Japan working on server virtualization hypervisor work. He has interests in Unikernel technology and IoT-related computing frameworks (Fog/edge computing) and is working on improving network performance on MirageOS.

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