MirageOS Summer Hackathon Roundup

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Our first Cambridge-based MirageOS hackathon took place last week - and what a fantastic day it was! The torrential rain may have halted our punting plans, but it didn't stop progress in the Old Library! Darwin College was a fantastic venue, complete with private islands linked by picturesque wooden bridges and an unwavering wifi connection.

Check out the post for more details!

The major tasks that emerged were:

  • new hypervisor target: the integration of the Solo5 KVM-based hypervisor backend, bringing the number of officially supported targets up to 3 (Xen, Unix and KVM)
  • build system template: establishing a new `topkg` template for MirageOS libraries, to prepare us for building a unified API documentation bundle that works across all the entire project.
  • CPU portability: improving ARM support via a better base OS image.
  • libraries breadth: hacking on all the things to fill in the blanks, such as btree support for bare-metal Irmin, or a peer-to-peer layer for the DataKit

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