Merlin 2.5.1 Released

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The new release of Merlin is now available on OPAM.

It can be installed with opam install merlin or built from sources, available at from the repository.

Changes in version 2.5.1[edit]

  • Improved handling of case sensitivity on macOS.
  • Gerd Stolpmann contributed support for customizing findlib package directories. This is achieved by the FINDLIB_PATH directive in .merlin (it corresponds to the path variable in findlib.conf, and OCAMLPATH environment variable for ocamlfind).
  • For convenience with Bucklescript FFI, Merlin no longer checks that externals are functions.

Version 2.5.2 added support for OCaml 4.04 and fixed a lot of bugs.

As always you can find a full changelog.

Thanks to Frederic Bour, Gerd Stolpmann, previous contributors and the rest of the Merlin team!

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