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The annual ICFP conference begins today, with the initial workshops kicking off 100s of talks and paper presentations, including several from OCaml Labs.

We've created a liveblog unikernel to keep track of the proceedings, at icfp2016.mirage.io. This is powered by the Canopy system built by Enguerrand Decorne during his internship at OCaml Labs. It uses much of the software pieces built for MirageOS, including Irmin to track the Git data and live update the blog in response to pushes.

If you are at ICFP this week and would like to contribute to the liveblog, your contributions would be most welcome! Just send in a pull request to the Git repository at github.com/ocamllabs/icfp2016-blog or get in touch with a member of OCL to give you direct write access (e.g. ping @avsm on Twitter).

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